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2012-09-03 14:11:42 by BummerCityTown

Yooo! Finally time for some real news! Keep an eye out in September. Because my first tape will be coming out. And it's a very very fun tape to listen to :)

In the meantime, I've uploaded the first single off of the tape, Huckleberry Honey, to hold you guys over until release date. Go check it out! And keep an eye out for one more release before the tape drops O.o



2012-06-10 13:45:15 by BummerCityTown


I'm making shit.

Follow us!!

2011-07-30 04:14:24 by BummerCityTown

Hey yo. What's up guys. We just set up a twitter so anyone whose feelin our shit feel free to follow us for updates on what we're doin. We're pretty much spending our days trynna get this mix tape together. It's gonna be sick!!!!11 Peace out playas <333


New Songs in production..

2011-07-12 02:27:59 by BummerCityTown

Hello Everybody!!!!!!!11
If you're reading this that makes us happy...because at least someone is probably gonna listen to our shit. But for realz playa, we're comin out with a ton of new stuff lately. Like some sick stuff. Like stuff that is way cooler to listen to than the radio. Jkjkjkjk i <3 the but seriously we are way cooler. So take a couple minutes to listen to our stuff. Some of it is just me messin around (actually most of it) and some are pretty awesome songs. We got a lot of previews too sooo soon we're gonna have super duper cool songs for the whole newgrounds world to listen to and show to their friends and their daddys who might just happen to be professional producers that would love to sign us. Just messin dawg. Peace out!


PS Feel free to hit us up for collabs my friends. We love them so very much