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BCT's 2014 Mixtape

2014-03-28 15:42:48 by BummerCityTown


Update April 12th: New song "Typical Biz" has been uploaded for your enjoyment :)

To my beloved 55 fans,

I've been hard at work on our next tape. It's fantastic so far. It's nothing like my last project. The quality has improved tenfold. The lyrics, the production, the delivery, the team.. it has all grown so tremendously, it makes me shudder at the thought of what's to come in the future. But the future will always be just that, so let's focus on the present, shall we?

I will be releasing the name of the tape, along with the 1st REAL song, in April. I know that, in the past, I've struggled with release dates. My solution: I won't be setting one this time. When I finish it, I'll set one. :) However, I can promise you it's coming soon. I'm super excited and am really pushing to get it done so that I can show everybody!

I'm working with a bunch of friends. Including, but not limited to, the incredibly talented CHiLEDAWG, Matty B, Kybate, TA$C!ONE, and many more. I can't wait for everyone to hear it and I look forward to hearing everyone's feedback once it's released!!! It's gonna be classic af :D

-Bummer <3


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2014-04-09 06:13:20

Awesome, can't wait to finally hear this, man!

BummerCityTown responds:

I shall not let you down Wolf!


2014-04-13 10:47:32

2014 BiOTCH

BummerCityTown responds: